Vision & Mission


“To preserve HUMAN HEALTH, by means of the development, production, and commercialization of high quality pharmaceutical products in order to maximize external and
internal customers satisfaction; in a safe working environment while promoting the care  of nature.”


TO BE THE PHARMACEUTICAL LEADER in the market at national level with multinational projections through technological innovations, high standards of quality, efficiency and high satisfaction of customers and staff.”

Venostasin Benefits: 3 presentations, one for each patient’s need. Venostasin Gel for direct application on the legs, giving a gentle circular massage from the ankles up to the hips. Apply Venostasin Gel 2 times a day. Venostasin retard capsules, 2 doses a day Venostasin Tablets 3 doses a...
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logo genisteina VITAFEM - 13/07/2023
VITAFEM Vitafem Benefits and indications: Genistein is a naturally occurring isoflavone. The Genistein contained in Vitafem helps with sudden mood changes including irritability, anxiety and depression. The Biotin that is in the composition of Vitafem is important for the healthy structure of the...
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