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About us

> Quimica Ariston Ecuador

  • Established in 1972.
  • 100% private Company.
  • Manufactures and sells more than 60 pharmaceutical products.
  • Production facility located in Quito and four sales offices in major cities.
  • Over 220 employees.
The Facility

Its major departments and its functions:

  • Production: manufacture of different pharmaceutical products under highest quality standards.
  • Quality Control: Verifications in accordance with specifications.
  • Research and development: Creation, development and optimization of products with high quality standards.
  • Human Resources: selection, training, and assessment of professional staff, overseeing organizational culture and ensuring compliance with labor laws.
  • Accounting and Finance: Record, classification, and abstracts of transactions, and presentation of Financial Statements.
  • Sales and Marketing: Ensuring market research, product promotion and communication to customers.
  • Information Technology: Revision, maintenance and support of the operation of technological equipments and informational systems.

> Certification and Awards

  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certificate.
  • Only company in Ecuador to receive “Responsible Care Ecuador” award for three consecutive years.
  • ISO 9001:2008 certification.

> Production

This department is divided into four areas:    
1. Solid Area: Tablets and capsules.
2. Liquid Area: Syrups and suspensions.
3. Semi-solid Area: Gels and creams.
4. Area of Antibiotics: Mainly tablets.
Raw materials for all products are imported from Germany, USA, China, India, among others.

> Quality Control

To achieve the highest quality during all stages of production, our professionals work with high technology laboratory equipment such as, two HPLC (high performance liquid Chromatics), dissolution equipment, equipment to determine hardness, friability, and the degree of disintegration of tablets.

> Research and Development

Research and development of each product is carefully planned and monitored along different stages. During each process the use and state of the technical equipments are reviewed, verified and validated.

> Staff

Our staff has the training, experience, and skills required in the pharmaceutical industry. They continually receive training to work under the motto “Continuous Improvement”.

> Environmental Responsibility

The company ensures the welfare and safety of our staff without neglecting the environment. The management codes that we follow are aligned with “Responsible Care” certification requirements. Therefore, our daily goal is to reduce pollution, and minimize or eliminate the generation of solid, liquid or gaseous emissions.