Química Ariston Ecuador

1930 Klinge Pharma was founded by Mr. Roberto Hahn Klinge’s grandparents in the city of Berlin.

Soon after the Second World War it moved to the city of Munich to take up a very important place among pharmaceutical companies of that country, thanks to its product named Venostasin.

1940 The first Química Ariston was founded in the Republic of Argentina by Mrs. Annaelisa Kinge, daughter of the founder of KlingePharma, and her husband, Dr. Alfredo Hahn.

Thanks to the success obtained, Dr.Hahn started to open branches with manufacturing facilities in other countries such as Uruguay, Brazil and Colombia.

1969 Dr. Alfredo Hahn passed away and his three sons took over these companies.

1972 Mr. Rodolfo Hahn opened an importer of pharmaceutical products in Ecuador, the imported products were manufactured in Química Ariston Colombia.

1975 The importer ceases its activity.

1978 Mr. Roberto Hahn arrived to Ecuador to reopen the company and started to do business with a local manufacturing company which developed a range of different products.

1985 Química Ariston Ecuador inaugurated its own pharmaceutical facility. As a consequence sales increased immediately   more products  were positioned on the market.

1990 The physical facility expanded double in size by adding new machinery and equipment for production and quality control, which in turn achieved greater coverage.

2002 The facilities were renovated to meet the higher local and international manufacturing demands.


Química Ariston is a company that is in permanent development.

We have a wide coverage in medical visits, offer personalized customer service and once we get to know the customers’ short and long term needs, we bring in our experience and try not only to provide an immediate solution but also to proactively meet long-term expectations.

Venostasin Benefits: 3 presentations, one for each patient’s need. Venostasin Gel for direct application on the legs, giving a gentle circular massage from the ankles up to the hips. Apply Venostasin Gel 2 times a day. Venostasin retard capsules, 2 doses a day Venostasin Tablets 3 doses a...
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logo genisteina VITAFEM - 13/07/2023
VITAFEM Vitafem Benefits and indications: Genistein is a naturally occurring isoflavone. The Genistein contained in Vitafem helps with sudden mood changes including irritability, anxiety and depression. The Biotin that is in the composition of Vitafem is important for the healthy structure of the...
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