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OTC medicines are those that do not need medical authorization to be consumed.

These medications are intended for the treatment of minor conditions or illnesses and are a key part of the patient’s self-care

You can buy OTC medicines without a prescription at:

•          Pharmacy

• Supermarkets

• Convenience stores, etc.

Venostasin Benefits: 3 presentations, one for each patient’s need. Venostasin Gel for direct application on the legs, giving a gentle circular massage from the ankles up to the hips. Apply Venostasin Gel 2 times a day. Venostasin retard capsules, 2 doses a day Venostasin Tablets 3 doses a...
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logo genisteina VITAFEM - 13/07/2023
VITAFEM Vitafem Benefits and indications: Genistein is a naturally occurring isoflavone. The Genistein contained in Vitafem helps with sudden mood changes including irritability, anxiety and depression. The Biotin that is in the composition of Vitafem is important for the healthy structure of the...
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