Quimica Ariston Ecuador
  • Established in 1972.
  • 100% private Company.
  • Manufactures and sells more than 60 pharmaceutical products.
  • Production facility located in Quito and four sales offices in major cities.
  • Over 220 employees.


The Facility

Its major departments and its functions:

  • Production: manufacture of different pharmaceutical products under highest quality standards.
  • Quality Control: Verifications in accordance with specifications.
  • Research and development: Creation, development and optimization of products with high quality standards.
  • Human Resources: selection, training, and assessment of professional staff, overseeing organizational culture and ensuring compliance with labor laws.
  • Accounting and Finance: Record, classification, and abstracts of transactions, and presentation of Financial Statements.
  • Sales and Marketing: Ensuring market research, product promotion and communication to customers.
  • Information Technology: Revision, maintenance and support of the operation of technological equipments and informational systems.