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Coated Tablets: Box of 30.

Anti-neuritic, hematopoietic.

COMPOSITION: Each tablet contains: 250 mg of vitamin B12, excipients, qs 1 tablet.

INDICATIONS: The B vitamins are essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, they are needed for blood formation and are very important for skin, mucous membranes, nervous system, cardiovascular system, muscles. COMPLEJO B® FORTE is indicated for the prevention and treatment of specific deficiency of thiamine, pyridoxine and cyanocobalamin deficiency caused by dietary intake or in conditions which daily requirements are increased such as pregnancy, lactation, alcoholism, fever, induced by other drugs, specific metabolic disorders, deficiencies of other components of the B complex, vegetarian diets, neuritis, anemia, fatigue and vomiting during pregnancy, liver dysfunction.

DOSE: Adults: TREATMENT: 3 to 4 tablets of COMPLEJO B® FORTE daily. Treatment duration will depend on the therapeutic response and can be used continuously without exceeding 3 months. 1 tablet daily. PREGNANCY: 1 tablet daily.


ADMINISTRATION: Tablets of COMPLEJO B® FORTE should be administered orally with enough water.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: There are no contraindications to the specified limits.

PRECAUTIONS: Cyanocobalamin should not be administered without first confirming the diagnosis of megaloblastic anemia. INTERACTIONS: no clinically significant.

INTERACCIONES: Ninguna con significado clínico.

PREGNANCY AND LACTATION: Can be used in both conditions.

ADVERSE REACTIONS: The long term administration of high doses of thiamin can lead to neurotoxicity.